Main Unit of Torque Rheometer Polylab OS

RT-128 Torque Rheometer Application Field:

☆ Measuring the polymer’s rheological properties
☆ Formulation design of new polymer materials
☆ UPVC processing performance research and material development
☆ The development of thermoplastic materials and processing performance research
☆ Cross-linking, thermosetting resin curing performance research
☆ Factory simulation production, teaching, and research applications


Most of the materials used in the processing of rubber and plastic materials have to be melted and processed with the deformation of the melt. Based on rheological applications in rubber and plastic processing base, first, finding out material fluid flow and deformation can further grasp the configuration of the rubber and plastic materials, molding process, and equipment features and design.

The RT-128 torque rheometer can evaluate the polymer’s flow, plasticization, shear, and thermal stability and provides the most closely related dynamic measurement methods for teaching research and guiding production. Under condition which is similar to actual processing conditions, the machine can do the continuous, accurate, and reliable determination of the rheological properties of materials, such as evaluation of thermoplastic polymer processing viscosity, shear stability, features, and the curing reaction of thermosetting polymer crosslinking properties or elastomer sulfide.

Technical Parameters

Item Description
Product The Main Unit of Torque Rheometer
Model RT-128
Origin Guangdong, China
Torque Measurement Range 0~200/300/400Nm
Torque Measurement Accuracy 0.1%F.S
Rotating Speed 0~200/250rpm (Stepless)
Speed Accuracy 0.05%F.S
Dynamic Temperature Accuracy ±0.5℃
Torque Measurement Method Cantilever
Melt Pressure Range 0~100Mpa
Temperature Control Range Room~350℃/500℃
Power 4KW/7KW
Measuring Data 1. Speed
2. Temperature
3. Pressure
4. Torque
5. Energy


Cross Solidifying

The following software is included:

  • Measurement and control software;
  • Mixer data processing software;
  • Extruder data processing software;
  • Polymer melt viscosity measurement data processing software.


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