rubber extruder machine

Lab Rubber Extruder of Torque Rheometer

To replicate rubber material extrusion experiments in a laboratory setting, employ this compact laboratory extruder and a measurement and control host equipped with the Garvey Die and Column Die. This approach is the perfect way to evaluate the polymer properties of rubber materials highly effectively.

Model: RTRE-30

Customizable: logo, color, OEM, ODM, OBM

Screw diameter: 30mm

Scew speed: 150r/min (adjustable)

Pressure range: 0~100Mpa

Warranty: 2 years

Kinds Dies of Rubber Extruder Machine

Garvey die

Garvey Die

Garvey die is the test method for determining rubber materials’ extrusion performance:

1. Evaluate extrudability: This involves identifying the extrudate surface finish, sharpness of corners and edge neatness, as well as the expansion rate and porosity.

2. Analyze extrusion index: In standard extrusion conditions, the aim is to determine the advantages and disadvantages of extrusion performance.

column die

Column Die

Principle of rubber extrusion molding:
The rubber material is heated and turned into plastic in the extruder. Then, it undergoes intense shear between the screw and the barrel. And continuously transported forward through the rotation of the screw and then extruded through the extrusion die (also known as the mouth die) under a certain pressure to get the desired shape of the product.

The characteristics of rubber extrusion molding:
The rubber material is further mixed and plasticized through the rotation of the extruder screw, which ensures that the quality of the extruded semi-finished rubber material is more dense and uniform;

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