Film biaxial tension

Film Biaxial Tensile Strength Tester

RT-BIAXIAL Film biaxial tension testing machine can be the thickness of 0.2-1.5mm below, 100X100mm square can be used for biaxial stretching film material thick film samples, according to the required stretching ratio, in the appropriate temperature and time for the film stretching experiments, for the laboratory to carry out physical and chemical testing and analysis, according to the performance of the sample film, to determine a wide range of additives and formulations. When applied to the production line, it can significantly reduce the cost of trial production. Any thick sheets made of crystalline and non-crystalline polymers used for biaxial stretching can be statically stretched in this machine, such as PET, PA, PP, PS, EVA, etc.
Adopting a touch screen and simple essential operation, real-time display of the operation status of each working area, alarm message and system parameters, bi-directional servo motor drive, realizing unidirectional or bi-directional variable speed stretching, multiple PID temperature control points, making the temperature control precision higher and more comprehensive and more realistic.

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